Solutions for the

Resource Recovery, Energy, Solid Waste, Water & Wastewater


Personalized Engineering Excellence

As a boutique firm, we bring our engineering expertise as an extension of your company. We are passionate about working with your teams to design your system. Incorporating your vision and values in our designs and services. 

Project realization

We are available for the construction management and startup. Ensuring the project stays on track and meets the goals. We're also there for any changes that arise. We'll help you address the challenges and also take advantage of new opportunities to improve the project during construction.

Aligning Strategy with Execution

We're not just engineers, we're business people. Whether you need help with the strategy or the execution, our business focus drives success. We do more than design systems, we partner with you toprovide business solutions.

Facilitation and Training

The entire company has to be on board to succeed. Whether it is aligning your teams, or giving them the training they need, we develop and deliver programs using state of the art techniques for adults.